Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hello, Existence? It is I, Prowl

Figure: Transformers: Animated Deluxe Class Prowl (2008)
Action Figure Correographer: The Jaguar
Title: Hello, Existence? It is I, Prowl
Correographer's Statement: Lately, the dichotomy of existence in postmodern society has weighed heavily on me. In this pose, I draw inspiration from both the ritualistic nature of Tai-Chi, the most elegant of the ancient Chinese martial arts, and the psychedelic, hyper-realist paintings of Salvador Dali. By leaving Prowl in a state halfway between his vehicular and robotic forms, I express the ambivalence we postmoderns feel as we drive down our streets, watching our neighborhood, our world, and - yes - our very lives pass us by. Notice Prowl's arms, flung out in a position that suggests both an embrace and a readiness to fight.
I'd like to thank Mr. B, my seventh grade Introduction to Art teacher; Corey Burton, the voice of G1 Shockwave on the original Transformers show; and my mom. Peace to you all for making this pose possible. Peace to you all.

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Rock the Gerwalk!